Thursday, 15 November

16:00 Arrival

17:00 Workshop Opening and Welcome Address

17:30 Introduction to the Workshop (Overview, Theses, Questions)

18:00 Discussion

19:30 Conference Dinner at Otito

Friday, 16 November

09:30 Panel I: Culture Industries (Chair: Johanna Heil)

  • Davarian L. Baldwin: “‘The New Negro…does not seek philanthropy but an opportunity’: Black Culture Industries as a Site of Self Help in Interwar Chicago”
  • Martin Klepper: “‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way:’ Gender, Race, Mobility, and Self-Help at the Stratemeyer Syndicate”

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Panel II: Psychological Advice and Eugenics (Chair: Eric Engstrom)

  • Lisa Blackman: “Psychology-in-transition at the Beginning of the 20th Century: Towards an Intersectional Analysis of Self-help in-formation.”
  • Kristina Graaff: “The Promise of (Self-)Control: Able-Bodiedness and Able-Mindedness in Interwar Advice Literature”

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Panel III: Economics, Eugenics, and Self-Help (Chair: Ewa Łuczak)

  • Thomas C. Leonard: “Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics & American Economics in the Progressive Era”
  • Michell Chresfield: “To Improve the Race: Eugenics, Self-Help, and Racial Uplift”

18:30 Reception and Dinner at Café Weltgeist

Saturday, 17 November

09:30 Panel IV: Cinema, Reform, and Uplift (Chair: Anne Potjans)

  • Miriam J. Petty: “‘Smuggled Like Contraband’: Picturing Black Uplift in 1930s Hollywood”
  • Simon Rienäcker: “Watching Dancers, Spectating Spectators: Uplift, Self-Reflexivity, and Modernity in the Films of Oscar Micheaux”

12:00 Coffee and Snack Break

12:30 Panel V: Mass Circulation and Self-Improvement  (Chair: Nitya Koch)

  • Sue Currell: “Radical Remediation and Popular Self-Help: the Communist Magazine as Cure”
  • Aleksandra Boss: “Pulp Fictions of the Self: Biography and Self-Improvement in 1930s Pulp Magazines”

15:00 Concluding Remarks